Magnetic Therapy Course
from Peter Rose, Shiatsu International
"A comprehensive course in Magnetic Therapy to allow students
to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding, which will allow
them to use magnets to improve their own well-being."
About The
Peter Rose
How To
The course is structured to allow for individual students to gain eligibility for entry to the magnet Therapy supplementary referral register with Shiatsu International.
Being eligible for this register will enable the practitioner to gain professional insurance (which is a prerequisite of the referral register) and join this register, for a fee which is currently £60 a year (insurance premiums vary with other therapies practiced and some may find that magnet therapy can be added at no additional cost).
In order to progress from successful completion of this correspondence course to eligibility for the SI supplementary referral register, it will be necessary to pass a test of competence (Shiatsu International has a duty of care to the public and the insurance underwriters, to ensure levels of competence in all those on their referral registers).
This test of competence will be by written replies to questions set with each section (4 in total) of the course. Each test paper will be examined, marked and responded to on an individual basis. Full details can be discussed and arranged on an individual basis. E-mail or phone 01787 880005 and leave a message for Peter Rose to personally call you back to discuss your individual needs and requirements
Methods Used For This Course:
The student will be sent worksheets via e-mail. These will include specific instructional and information notes, study points charts and question/answer sheets. The question/answer sheets should then be completed and e mailed back for individual examination and comment, which will be returned by e-mail together with the next section of the course.
There are 4 component parts with a certificate for those who satisfactorily complete the course. At any time a student may e-mail questions and comments for personal and individual attention. E-mails via will also be replied to, again the speed of reply will be subject to time availability. Because of the individual nature of the responses to each student- one to one on line-Students can work at their own pace some may complete the course on a matter of weeks others could take many months.
The Four Components Of The Course:
  • Part 1: Intro further reading, contra indications, meridians and energy flow, facial and other diagnostic methods, anatomy physiology, polarity.
  • Part 2: Slow release acupuncture, yin/yang and 5 element theory of traditional Chinese medicine, technical methods, suppliers, comprehending holistic.
  • Part 3: Plant experiment, electricity and magnetism, electro magnetic devices, permanent magnets, history, relationship between physical and emotional problems.
  • Part 4: Bandages and sports injuries, cramp, stress and nausea, case studies, outcome assessment, practical advice, combining magnets with other therapies, relationship between intuition and intellect.
  • After graduation the successful student will be eligible to apply to join The Shiatsu International register of Magnetic therapists. Those resident and working in the U.K. will also be able to apply for professional indemnity insurance. NB both of these will require additional fees.